KN95 Mask FAQ

Difference between Kn95 and N95

The KN95 mask or N95 respirator are two similar breathing devices.

Both must capture and filter 95 percent of the non-viscous particles in the air that are 0.3 microns or larger, including the COVID-19 virus. Both materials use multiple layers of synthetic fibers, often fused and blown fibers.

The main difference is that KN95 masks are rated according to Chinese standards, while N95 masks are the universal US NIOSH standard.

Regardless, KN95 is an FDA-approved standard for face masks. All of the FDA-registered KN95 masks we sell and the unregistered KN95 masks we have in stock meet this standard. Masks must be manufactured in a specific factory and meet FDA testing standards. It’s a lengthy process, so the vast majority of KN95 masks sold in the United States are legally required to be labeled “for non-medical use only.”

Do Kn95 masks have enough protection for Covid-19?

Yer, it is! For the normal user, wearing kn95 masks in crowded places, buses, planes, or any other public places,  is strong enough to protect yourself from the average pandemic. One more specific reason is kn95 masks mostly have ears-hanging bandages but n95 all are head-wearing bandages. So Kn95 indeed is more suitable for normal users. The N95 respirator is more suitable for special industries like doctors,  dentists, or construction workers who are surrounded by dust and haze.

Payment Mode

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Do we ship internationally?

Yes! We offer service in North America and Europe or Asia. But customers should take care of the shipping and handling fee. We will help you to deal with international customs but you have the handle the fee.


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Refund and Return

Please noted that we do not accept any returns and refunds after you receive your packages over 7 days. Any problems please issue it when you get your products within 7 days, and due to face masks being special goods, all the returned masks we will not resell again for the sake of our customers’ health. So please consider it or contact our service team before you purchase it.