How to choose masks in daily life, is KN95 mask really effective?

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First of all, the conclusion that KN95 protective mask can play a role in virus protection, because kn95 dust mask KN represents the application of filtering non-oily particles protection, and 95 refers to the detection of 0.3μm particles of filtration efficiency above 95%, And the national regulations for non-oily particulate filter is higher than or equal to 95% of the protective masks are anti-virus, the national standard of KN95 protective mask and the American standard N95 protective mask are the same, can be anti-virus.

Kn95 dust mask and surgical masks differences are kn95 five layer dust mask, can filter 95% not less than 0.3 um particles, surgical masks, generally three layers, the surface has the water-resisting layer, can avoid inside the droplet infection into the respirators, high-level has filter layer, can cut off 90% of the 5 um particles, close to the nose and mouth layer to absorb the moisture. Kn95 dust mask can prevent haze, but medical mask can only be used for diagnosis and treatment, not to prevent haze. The KN95 dust mask is much cheaper than the N95 mask, and it is recommended to wear a KN95 mask to protect against COVID-19, except in specific surgical scenarios

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