kn95 mask

KN95 mask
After careful and rigorous research, the CDC announced in 2021 that KN95 masks in the United States could also provide effective protection. KN95 masks are now accepted and worn. So what is the best KN95 masks? What should we pay attention to when buying KN95 face masks? Below we have sumed up some frequently searched questions about KN95 masks and provided answers. I hope it will be helpful when you buy masks.
1. What are the differences between KN95 mask and N95 mask?
Compared to the traditional head-mounted N95 masks, KN95 masks are earloop style which is easier to on and off.
2. Are KN95 masks CDC certified?
KN95 masks are not CDC certified and tested. KN95 masks are the Chinese standards for masks. KN95 masks are tested and rated to capture 95% of Tiny Particles (0.3) micron particles.
3. Do you have A NIOSH certified KN95 mask?
To be honest, KN95 masks are not NIOSH certified. But NIOSH approved suppliers in China produce KN95 masks as well as N95 masks. Under CDC NIOSH’s strict regulatory system, the quality of KN95 masks manufactured by NIOSH certified N95 mask suppliers in China is reliable.
4. What is the best KN95 mask?
The best KN95 mask should not be defined as a specific model. We should choose KN95 masks from the following perspectives.
KN95 masks fits for our faces.
KN95 mask are tested by labs and proved with protection.
KN95 masks that are still valid.
No matter what type of mask we wear, all can effectively protect us from the Coronavirus infection.

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